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Pitched roofs.

Flat roof repairs and replacements

Flat roof resurfacing and structural reconstruction

Flat roofs by DWG Roofing, Leeds.


Though flat roofs typically have a shorter life than pitched slate or tile roofs they are cheaper to construct and repair.


Modern flat roofing materials are much more durable than previous formulations.


Older formulations of felt roof coverings typically had a life of 20 years. Modern 'torch-on' felts, if properly maintained, will normally last much longer.

Felt roofs are laid in three overlapping layers: two sublayers and a top layer of mineral felt.

Make sure you hire a contractor who is fully insured for flame processes.


EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer [M-class]) rubber) is a relatively modern concept, developed using the latest chemical technology. It is lightweight and is highly flexible meaning it will expand and contract in response to weather conditions without risk of cracking.

Some local authorities may require an additional top layer of bonded chippings on on new-build structures.



Glass Reinforced Plastic is a very strong and highly durable composite of layers of glassfibre matting bonded with polyester resin. It has good 'drape' characterists so is often used where the roof has upstands or steps. It is ideal where there will be regular foot traffic over the roof.


Each of these options requires a specific installation technique. Depending on the structure factors such as thermal insulation and condensation may need to be considered (a vapour barrier, vapour permeability or ventilation).

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