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Pitched roofs.

Commercial and industrial roofing

Replacing felt on commercial property in Leeds

Modern techniques

Surfacing materials and techniques for flat roofs have improved significantly in recent years with the introduction of high specification felts made by modern polymer technologies.

The large expanse of commercial and industrial roofs means that the stresses induced by repeated freeze and thaw cycles and the build up of heat on hot sunny days makes them susceptible to damage. Over time the felt and bitumen become brittle and tears occur that lead to water ingress which, in turn, leads to more damage.

The process

After a thorough survey to diagnose the extent of the problem, DWG will furnish a detailed quotation setting out the method to be applied to fix the faults.

Typically, this will involve stripping and taking away the damaged layers and, where necessary, replacing any damaged substrate if the roof has been constructed of sheet timber materials.

Cleaning and scarifying the roof substrate then takes place followed by the application of a bonding agent.

Two layers of vapour permeable felt are then applied topped off usually by a mineral felt surface layer. If required a solar reflective coating can be applied to reduce potentially damaging heat build-up.


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