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Pitched roofs.

Case study: flat roof repair contract

Renewal of large flat roof felt surfacing - central Leeds

The problem: over many years the continous expansion and contraction due to weather conditions on such a large commercial roof has split joints in the felt layers exposing them to moisture ingress.


This, in turn, has led to failure of bonding between the layers and the roof structure.

A number of additional service pipes added over time with associated patching around the pipes had added to the delamination of the felt layers.



The solution: stripping off and carting away all the old felt - a major undertaking in itself - and then replacing all three layers of felt. This included two sub-layers of vapour permeable felt with a final top layer of mineral felt.

Felt flat roof layers.

Sub layer of felt beneath mineral felt top layer.

Services through felt roof.

Treatment of service pipes passing through roof.

Felt flat roof edge upstand.

Treament of upstand around flat roof.

Felt flat roof edge upstand.

Treament of junction with pitched roof.